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Bio: This website http://www.LearnDataModeling.com is a Tutorial about Data Modeling, Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL), Data Ware House, Data Mart, Database, Metadata and OLAP reporting. http://www.LearnDataModeling.com - Important aspects: ---------------------------------------------- *Details the importance of a data model, data modeling standards, development Cycle, steps to create a data model and data modeler role. *Explains about creating conceptual/enterprise/logical/physical/oltp data models in an easy to understand manner. *Step by Step process for creating most of the data modeling objects with the help of data modeling tools like Erwin, Toad, Vision, XCase etc. *Generating reports, versioning and repository are explained in detail. *Comparison of logical data model with physical data model and relational with dimensional data models. *In dimensional data modeling, you can get to know about Dimensions, Slowly Changing Dimensions, Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema. *Creating relationships between objects in a data model and Identifying/Non-Identiftying relationships are explained with one to one/one to many/many to many relationships. *Versioning of the data model, storing data models in repositories and generating reports are described in full length. *Implementation of the data model in database by creating DDL/DML scripts. Also learn different syntices for creating objects in an Oracle database. *In ETL and Data WareHouse section, extraction/transformation and loading is explained with Informatica tool. * ETL testing in detail *Detailed explanation of reporting and Metadata.

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